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Monday, February 2

Projects for the Coming year FRUITS, VEG, ANIMALS

Part of wanting to move was the prospect of being able to be self sufficient.  With a limited income and property with land in the UK, even during a recession, being totally our of our reach, the UK was a non starter.  Here in Extremadura, we are blessed with the ability to fulfill this idea

Self sufficient living has been described as the ability and practice of providing for all your own needs and the needs of your household without outside aid or resources, this I feel is not feasible, well its not feasible for us.  We are probably more self sufficient than most but to be honest, not really through choice but necessity . We have Solar for power, are self sufficient with water and  any waste is disposed of through an organic system.   We avoid chemicals for cleaning etc, because they affect the ecology of the waste system  BUT necessity leads us to drive a  4x4, without this we would not be able to leave during rainy days,   I do use a mild bleach for cleaning our the water tanks and cleaning animal bowls etc but hope to find alternatives as the year progresses I will update you as and when I  find them.   

Self sufficiency for us, means growing our own, making our own  and using what we have. Changing to self sufficiency living requires planning and research, and I have been scouring the internet for lots of Fab ideas many of which I plan to do and share with you in the coming year.

So 2015 is Vegetable, fruits and animals..................

We are fencing of an area of the finca, for the purpose animals and growing.  We start planting at the end of February. The plot is approx 20 x 11mtrs, so should provide plenty of space for growing, lots of lovely fresh vegetables.  This was furrowed recently by a friend


At the beginning of March we be planting our new Orchard, containing

  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Plum
  • Apricot
  • Cherry
  • Pomegranate
  • Orange
  • Lemons

We are guided by our Spanish friends, as to when to plant etc, and we are  really looking forward to this aspect of self sufficiency. 
I loved gardening in the UK,  I love the fact that it is a never ending process its ongoing and forever changing.  Gardens are living breathing entities giving us food, beauty to look at and in the case of trees, somewhere to sit on a hot summers days.

Animals come in July, as soon as I return from England.   Chickens, Ducks and Pygmy goats

We will be obtaining approx 10/12 chooks of a wide variety. I am hoping to have a nice mixed flock. Plus 3 ducks, preferably Appleyards, if I can find some. Finally just for fun
3 pygmy goats

Other plans for the year involve

  • Continuing with repairing the dry stone walling
  • Replacing the front doors and windows
  • Building a pergola for the front terrace
  • Creating a Moroccan style roof terrace
  • Finishing the internal decorating of the house
  • Build pergola for parking area
  • Log Store with a fenced off area at rear of house
  • painting back of the house
  • Build supports for outside granite table
  • Install outside kitchen area

Thats all, feel tired just writing this.

See you soon

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