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Monday, July 13

Embalse de Proserpina...............

We do not have days out very often, because at the moment, we are trying to finish the main construction work on the finca hopefully by the end of this year. This will mean that  next year we can relax more  and to start to explore  this beautiful region more.  Since we moved here  most of our day trips tend to be when we have guests.

However at the end of this week I return to the UK for a week to visit my daughters and Grandson.  When I come back to Spain I will have some additional excess baggage, in the form of my Niece. 

Collecting a Gold Medal for Fencing

So last week, on our way back from a shopping trip we checked out Proserpina Embalse.

Proserpina Dam is an old roman gravity dam in the province of Badajoz. Despite being such an age, prosperina dam is still in use it is 40 foot high, has a concrete wall backed by earth. It is regarding by some as the forerunner of the modern earthen dam. The dam is also protected under Merida's UNESCO world heritage status

 We followed the signs off of the main road and followed the signs, we ended up on the a road, and I use that term instead of track with very large craters in, winds its way through open fields, and several times on the journey we thought we must have taken the wrong turning. 

 Eventually we arrived, I could not call it a beautiful location, but it was lovely and we could see ourselves spending many hot summer days at the waters edge, especially as we can take Meg with us. Dogs are welcome at certain points around the lake,  I am sure Meggy and my Niece will have great fun

 Prosperina can be walked around and takes about  1.5 hours in total. Plus the walk can be done all year round.  It is a haven for birds, and depending on the season ,you can see Storks, Herons, Ducks, various birds of prey and song birds.  I am sure we will be back later in the year for some nice long walks

This part of the waters edge is a no no for dogs, which I approve of,  not everyone likes dogs

View from one of the 3 cafe/bars, whilst having a cool beer

You can just see a father and child having some fun in the water on a very hot day

Fishing spanish style.... while having a siesta

 Across the water is Prosperina Village we we yet have to explore. Hopefully when our niece is here we will take a stroll across and have a look.

So we have the swimming and small pedal boats, potential fishing, can take the dogs, food and drinks and the costs


What more can you ask for.


  1. looks amazing

  2. Pity about the 'no dogs'. Ours go with us wherever we go but obviously not to this embalse.

    1. Hi,

      Its only one section no dogs. We took our dogs a few days ago