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Sunday, December 13

Back in October I said we may have pregnant goats, well we now know we have one definite pregnant goat, and the other two are  more than likely pregnant .So come Xmas we are going to be busy delivering babies

This is Georgia who is Definitely pregnant and is due any time within the next 4 weeks.  I am now undertaking a crash course in Kidding and have learnt stuff like

  • Drenching

  • Having short nails

  • Birth presentations

I have taken endless pictures of Goats bottoms and basically am turning into a Goat nerd. Or a 

Obviously as soon as we have news we will post it here.

Other additions to the old homestead are three Brahma chickens.

The Brahma chicken is appreciated for its great size, strength, and vigor. They are a gentle giant', soft feathered heavy breed that treat everyone as a friend they haven't met yet. They are large birds that are profusely feathered, including profuse foot feathering. They are a breed that I always wanted to own, and successfully managed to find them here in Spain.  We have a make and two females.  They are very young and the moment but growing fast.  

Here is a fully grown boy 

and here are my little guys......sitting in the Goat shed

The other additions are three Khaki Campbell ducks

They are such fun to watch and enjoy their pond immensely, again they are young so no eggs yet but we live in hope.

Thats it for the moment..  My next blog post should bring news of new life!


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