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Sunday, February 22

Charcoal from Finca Ciguena.............

At 6am this morning we woke to the Dogs barking and the sound of  wood crackling in a fire. However the fire was not in the wood burner, but in our neighbours finca.

As we turned the corner, we were greeted by 2 men, Gabriel and his son. But never fear we knew they were coming and were looking forward to watching the process of making Charcoal.

Previously our neighbor gave us permission to clear his finca of all the excess oak.  

 So since November last year,Miguel and Blane have been busy cutting trees, and we probably have enough wood now for a year or two. 

Which obviously left us with all the excess oak cuttings to burn.

Enter Gabriel and his son.  They make charcoal

So with the fire lit, they pile the oak cuttings on and on, the fire grows and the heat intensifies.

The burning remains are  then scrape in down into a circle on the ground, and doused with a little water.

            Its left to cool.....

Eventually its bagged and removed...........and the process is repeated across the finca, leaving circles of black.



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