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Tuesday, May 26

They say Rome was not built in a day..............BUT

They obviously did not have my husband.

6 weeks ago I left for the UK to be with our daughter, who had given birth to our first Grandchild.
 On my return last Monday I was astounded at how much work my other half had completed and how different those few weeks had made to the Finca

The grass, OMG the grass had grown so much........along with a carpet of wild flowers

Before I left

On my return

Masses of Yellows, purples and Blues.

However I have immediately set to work on cutting 3 acres of Finca before sun and potential fires get too much..... so far so good

Yesterday the new orchard looked like this

Today its a bit better, only 2,5 acres to go!

Now the other half was very busy, obviously without me here, needed to fill his time. So the following has been done

Vegetable Garden......... planted and growing well, mainly due to the new watering system that other half put in place, a fabulous drip feed which at one turn of a handle I can leave for 30 minutes in the morning and everything is watered.
Potatoes, tomato,peppers,onions,lettuce, aubergines, courgettes, melons and much more

The water tower is from a closed down Jamon factory, they would hang the Jamon from the metal work....€35 euros

Nature has been busy too the herb garden and flower garden have had a growth spurt as well full of life and colour

Geraniums whats not to love

Herbs of various sorts

Passion flower

The there is the new log store

which has been taken over by meg!

The roof terrace is being tiled ready for furniture 

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   what else

OH YES  the dogs.   As you know our dogs sleep out in there Kennel at night and are in the run should we leave the Finca for any length of time, for there own safety.  Other half decided that they were in need of a bit more  shelter from the summer sun , so they have had a renovation as well

New cover with cement floor. roof is an old garage door

Entrance to Kennel cement so no mud in winter and water bowl fits in hole so no tipping it over

And a NEW project to add to the millions of others.  Having now cleared the trees at the back of the house we are now creating a Dog free zone, purely because our English cats cannot get out of the house without being chased.  So a fenced of area at the back and a cat flap should see them able to get out and about whenever they want.  This area we are going to gravel (finances dependent) and turn into a courtyard, as it is a very cool area to sit in when the weather is hot. 
We will paint the walls, put in planters etc, this time next year it should look a lot different

Finally  the long grass and return of the heat, also brings with it the return of unwanted guests.
Yesterday this was climbing up the walls of our potential courtyard
It is a ladder snake.non venomous, not dangerous just not wanted,  but is on the endangered list 

 Ladder Snake

So It was captured and released down the camino.

So when I am out and about on the finca now, cutting grass, dealing with the dogs footwear is the trusty boots.... just in case!
Please note odd socks, $5 Primark fashion police here

SO with all the hard work the other half has been doing I only thought it right and proper to put my hand to some hard graft apart from grass cutting.......................


I hung up my solar lights on the tree!

See you next week.....................I leave you with a few pictures from around the Finca

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