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Sunday, April 5

Spring is Springing

The past few weeks spring has well and truly sprung the skies seem bluer,  the wild flowers are bloom, bursting open with color and fresh life.  The trees  have begun to bud and the birds and animals are once again very active. At last winter seems to be shedding its winter coat and the prospect of summer is now looming fast.

Once of the things I love the most about living here is the vast array of flowers,birds and wildlife that we see on a regular basis.    Here are a few of the wild flowers we have here on the finca

Mimosa,,, which gives out an amazing heady scent

Erodium Malacoides

Cynoglossum Officinale

not a wild flower but orange blossom and I can not describe the wonderful scent exuding from this little flower

Not sure but reminds me of Ajuja in the UK

Again No idea but orchid in look and the most amazing colour

LOL a Yellow thing!

Ericaceae Australis

Wild Lupins are dotted about, but some fincas locally are covered in this pretty little flower

Broom the scent is of honey and permeates all around especially when the dogs run through!

I have no idea what this little flower is but it covers areas of the finca, it creates a wonderful yellow carpet.

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